Our Location

Baghi, a village panchayat in the Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh, located on the old Indo-Tibet SH-1 at an altitude of 8884 ft. above sea level, with latitude 31.0983633 and longitude 77.1623898 as its geo coordinates, has been a strategic route for army, tourists and locals. Originally a part of Bushahar principality, Baghi was always an important commuting passage and a business center for the surrounding local population. Its scenery and enchanting forests always attracted the famous dignitaries. Its charm is drawing adventure tourists from India and abroad. Today Baghi is famous for its sprawling quality apple, cherry orchards and pristine natural surroundings. It’s secluded and suitable environ makes it the perfect setting for Roots Country School to be a part of this great land.

How to reach

Public/ Private Transport Available From Lakkar Bazaar Bus Stop, Shimla:

1. Shimla to Baghi – 6:45 A.M (HRTC)

2. Shimla to Baghi – 7:20 A.M (Private)

3. Shimla to Bahli – 10:00 A.M (HRTC)

4. Shimla to Pujarli – 11:20 A.M (HRTC)

5. Shimla to Baghi – 12:15 P.M (Private)

6. Shimla to Baghi – 12:40 P.M (HRTC)

7. Narkanda to Rohru – 1:00 P.M (HRTC)

8. Shimla to Baghi – 1:45 P.M (Private)

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